Easter Festivities at the Maverick County Lake Have Been Canceled

Maverick County Commissioner Gerardo Jerry Morales informed that Easter festivities at the Maverick County Lake have been canceled, and a refund will be given to those who had reservations.

Commissioner Morales added that the Maverick County Lake is closed to the public for recreational purposes. Those who enter will be issued a fine. The Maverick County Lake will be under surveillance by Constable Beattie. The gates will only be opened for Nutrition Center food distribution pickups, and as soon as those are completed, they will be closed.

Commissioner Morales also stated that all activities at all parks in Maverick County, including get togethers, cookouts, sports, and exercising activities, are cancelled and prohibited. Those who do not follow the restrictions will be fined.

Finally, Commissioner Morales commented that due to the security, wellness, and health of the Maverick County personnel, the shifts of the 42 employees of the Maverick County Road & Bridges Department have been modified in order to avoid having 10 employees working together at the same time.


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