Maverick County Judge Discusses County Projects and 2020 Elections

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo spoke to the media on Friday, November 23 about ongoing and future County projects, and about the upcoming elections to be held in 2020.

Judge Saucedo stated that only a few architectural details remain to be completed for the upcoming Maverick County Lake amphitheater project. He added that the decision to have two Road & Bridge Department Managers has been a great decision, as Mr. Ernesto Guevara and Mr. Luis Perez have been instrumental in the development of new paving and maintenance projects throughout the precincts. Additionally, Maverick County personnel has been working efficiently for the benefit of community citizens in short-term and long-term projects.

Judge Saucedo commented that he’s looking forward to working with elected officials in 2020 and build on the great relationships that have been established with the Mayor and City Council members of the City of Eagle Pass. Judge Sauced hopes to continue collaborating with the city to bring benefits to the residents of Maverick County and Eagle Pass.


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