Announcement From The Honorable Maribel Flores – Court E-Filing

Message From Honorable Maribel Flores




Our office is in the process of going paperless and in doing so we find that the best way to do this is to address e-Filing first.

Please note: This only applies to The Honorable Maribel Flores’ 293rd Judicial District Court in Maverick, Dimmit and Zavala.

When E-filing:

  • Any document requesting or requiring Judge Flores’ signature must be filed as a Lead Document …and within the same envelope as any supporting documents.
  • Attachments in e-file do not get file marked & do not have the capability to be signed.
  • Filing an Attachment is a good way to include file marked copies of motions that have already been filed but still need to be submitted alongside an new order or fiat for consideration.
  • Any new motions that seek approval or need to be set for hearing, must be accompanied by a Fiat or an Order Setting Hearing and all must filed as lead documents, as it is impossible to sign anything that is submitted as an “attachment”.
  • If you e-file an order or fiat and you reference a specific motion, said motion must be included in the same envelope. If said motion has already been filed, please include the file marked motion as an attachment. If said motion has not been filed yet, please include it as a lead document.
  • When submitting a Docket Control Order via e-file and the mediator’s name is left blank, the court will appoint one (as specified in the court’s DCO instructions).
  • When e-filing a notice of nonsuit, you must also file an order in the same envelope and as a lead document.


Here are some examples of items that do require an Order Setting Hearing (or require that your motion and order be accompanied by a fiat).

  • Motions for Continuance
  • Motion for a New Trial
  • Summary Judgment
  • To Substitute (or Withdraw) Counsel
  • To Transfer Venue
  • Severance
  • Substitute Service
  • Motions to Suppress


Some motions do not require an order, some motions do. Some motions require an order and others that require an order and a fiat (or an order setting hearing). Legal Assistants: If you do not have a working knowledge of which do and which do not, please inquire about this with your attorney, office manager or paralegal. If still uncertain, you may contact our office to get clarification before you e-file.

For specific instructions on how to load documents into efile, please go to the “HELP” tab at the top of your efiling home page, click on “Contact Us”  and follow instructions to chat, email or speak with a Tyler Tech representative.

If an item can be e-filed, then please do so as we will no longer be accepting those documents via hand-delivery, email or fax.

This will help us keep things moving through the queue and assist with timely filing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make this transition.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you in excellence!

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