Maverick County Jury Summons Information

To Residents of Maverick County,

For the month of July we have mailed Grand Jury mailings out to our residents.

Additionally, we have mailed general Venire Jury Summons Questionnaire letters to residents of Maverick County on behalf of the 293rd Judicial District.

For the month of August we have several Jury Summon mailings going out on behalf of the 365th Judicial District.

We are asking the public to please respond accordingly to these Jury Summons Questionnaire Letters. Although we all have busy schedules, it is our civic duty to participate for Jury selections if called upon. Serving on a jury in our society is both a privilege and a legal duty.

If you don’t respond, you may be subject to consequences provided by law.

For more information, please contact our District Clerk’s office at (830) 773-2629.

Thank you for your service to our community.

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